Steering committee

The Center reports to the commissioning Flemsih government via a Steering committee.


  • Representative of the Flemish Minister of Environment

Other members with voting power

  • representative of the Flemish department of environment (one vote)
  • Promotor-Coördinator (one vote);
  • The other Promotor(s) (or representative), (one shared vote).
  • Representative of the Flemish Environment and Nature Counsil (one advisory vote)

Other members

  • other representative(s) of the Center (ad hoc)
  • representative(s) of Flemish agency for health
  • representative(s) of Flemish departement of Education
  • representative(s) of Flemish derpartement of Spatial planning
  • representative(s) of Flemish agency OVAM (waste and soil management)
  • representative(s) of Flemish Environmental Agency
  • representative(s) of department of Science and Innovation